The Moviegoings Podcast: Now on iTunes!


With three episodes complete, “The Moviegoings Podcast” is now iTunes official! Our podcast is now searchable and subscribable in the iTunes store for easy listening on the mobile device of your choice. You’ll notice a few additions to the sidebar, as well, under “The Moviegoings Podcast”:

Site Archive

Here you’ll always find the full archive of podcast episodes. The “free” option at my podcast hosting site only has enough storage space for 9 or 10 episodes (at their current size). That’ll certainly keep us going for awhile at our present rate of production, but eventually the oldest episodes will have to be cycled out to make room for the newest (unless something has changed by then). But every episode will always be available in my archive here.

Moviegoings on PodOmatic

This is the new home site for “The Moviegoings Podcast,” hosted through PodOmatic, which has its own player and various other podcast-friendly features. I’m just duplicating the content from my podcast episode posts here at Moviegoings central, but their interface is more user-friendly for computer-listening, if that’s your thing.

Subscribe with iTunes

Be sure to subscribe to our podcast via iTunes for notifications of new content and mobile listening options! This is a brave new medium of conversation for me, and I’m excited to explore it, and excited to have you all join me!

~ by Jared on May 7, 2014.

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