Moviegoings: A Guide

Welcome to “Moviegoings.” This is my public platform for exploring the vast territories of cinema. There are, to borrow a phrase, many like it, but this one is mine. I have an insatiable appetite to experience films that I have not seen, and a boundless enthusiasm for discussing those experiences. My approach is informed by narrative criticism, cultural history, film theory, and Christian theology (to name just a few). I am interested in how individual films become part of a larger, ongoing tapestry of film as art, entertainment, philosophy, history, and human experience.

But this site is also about the sheer pleasure of losing oneself in the movie-watching experience. Certainly many movies can educate and enlighten, but they will not succeed unless they also entertain. “Moviegoings” is all about sharing the enjoyment of a well-made movie in an environment that values both artistic quality and spiritual or cultural significance.

I try to publish reviews of new movies premiering in American theaters on a regular basis, as well as examine worthy classics from all decades and countries as the opportunity or desire arises. I am not an “industry insider,” and thus I try to avoid merely re-posting movie news or previews that my readers can easily find elsewhere (like through my Twitter account!). The focus here is on original content, and, hopefully, meaningful conversation.

In the sidebar to the right you will find easy access to everything here, starting with the aforementioned Twitter feed (follow me!), a more bite-size, stream-of-consciousness approach to my day-to-day movie-related experiences.

Below that, you’ll see a four-part introduction to a topic that has been central to my journey into this world: What does it mean to be a Christian who enjoys going to the movies? These pages are basically my raison d’être as one of a growing number of Christian film critics whose faith informs their movie experience, but who are also committed to taking films seriously on their own terms.

This is followed by a few “Recurring Features” (ongoing series with a common topic or theme). Most are self-explanatory, some have not been continued in some time (but don’t count them out yet!), and some have yet to be added (so keep an eye on this section).

The “movielogue” is a chronicle of several years of movie-watching. To a point, the list includes what I’ve watched, when I watched it, and what I thought of it on a 100-point scale (think academic grades), as well as links to my top ten lists of favorite or outstanding films that I watched during given periods. Also, many (not all) movies that I have discussed at greater length have links to the relevant posts located next to them.

Speaking of links, further down the page, I have assembled (and continue to assemble) a collection of websites that I find to be of particular interest. The first is a great group of Christian film critics whose conversations about film I have followed for many years, and been privileged to take part in from time to time myself. They share my beliefs about the movies (or, rather, I share theirs), and they are all excellent writers with much to offer on their websites.

The others include sites full of information and news about movies (past, present and future) and a collection of other critics that I find particularly enjoyable and insightful to read. Finally, I have a few sources that keep scrupulous tabs on movie content, and I find it informative to keep scrupulous tabs on them and their standards.

My general post categories include: “Referrals,” posts that primarily discuss content from another online source that caught my interest; “Reflections,” commentary about a movie (or movies) that is of a more thoughtful, personal nature; “Scholarship,” more academic discussions of movies, including critical essays on particular themes, and research projects into the historical background and cultural significance of various films.

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