Commenting at “Moviegoings” is a privilege I gladly extend. Reader responses are a blessing of God upon lonely writers. I love conversation.

I do impose one simple rule: every comment must be germane, constructive, and civil. In other words, every comment must be relevant to the post to which it is appended, and it must be articulated in a reasonable and respectful way.

Of course, this policy bans all forms of spam.* I also interpret the policy as prohibiting most deliberate insults, whether they are directed at me or at another commenter. Profanity and obscenity also may violate the policy if they promote incivility. Links to sites peddling vice are not constructive.

Violation of this policy may result in the editing or deletion of the offending comment and — if necessary — a permanent personal ban from commenting in the future.

I hate censoring comments, but flaming and trolling are even greater threats to friendly discussion. I want to make clear that you may disagree with me; I have no intention of using this policy to cut off civil debate. And I shall do my best to be just as amiable as I ask my readers to be.

* I identify as spam any comment that (A) has an author not born of woman, (B) advertises something, or (C) seems to be thinking of doing A or B.

(“Rules” borrowed with permission)

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