I’m Still Here

I’ve been allowing something silly to slow my writing on Moviegoings down to practically nothing for basically the past year. I can hardly believe it’s been that long, but it was hard not to notice, when I popped on to discuss this year’s Oscar nominations, that my discussion of last year’s nominations was still present on the “Recent Posts” list. Oy. Well, that simply won’t do.

It’s not like I have nothing to say, and nothing in mind to write about. In fact, it’s not even like I haven’t been writing. That’s the real culprit, actually. I’ve been writing, but what started out as a small project for this site, grew into a largeextensive project for this site, and then grew even more until it was well beyond that scope entirely. You’ll notice a few posts back that early last May, I wrote an introduction to a list of films that I was busily compiling, with the promise that the list itself would appear “in the coming weeks.” By that point, I’d already been working on the project for over a month, and it has continued to expand until I decided that it might be better-suited to an entirely different venue, unless I allowed it to completely take over this site.

But, while I worked busily on it (and other parts of my life kept me even busier), I allowed the promise of that forthcoming project to dangle in the doorway, blocking the ingress of any other creative work for months and months.


Suffice to say, I haven’t stopped watching movies, and I have a number of ideas that I’m anxious to bring to Moviegoings, soon. I don’t know how soon, but for some reason I didn’t want to just reappear as mysteriously as I disappeared and carry on as though I didn’t leave things hanging here (literally with an ellipsis) in the middle of last year.

Meanwhile, the day-to-day chronicling of my film habit mostly takes place over on Letterboxd (find and follow me here!). I even write the occasional review. I’m anxiously waiting for the Letterboxd team to implement more cross-platform integration stuff so that I can have a running feed of my Letterboxd activity here on Moviegoings. And I have another brand-new Moviegoings venture that I’ll be unveiling soon, as well!

This site remains a good platform primarily for long-form, high-quality work that I can be proud of (at least that’s the goal), and that sort of thing takes a lot of time and effort and energy to write, all of which are severely-limited resources at this stage in my life. Nevertheless, it’s still something I love doing, and something I’m passionate about doing, so I plan to keep doing it, whenever and however I can. Even if it’s to a mostly-empty room, because no one reads a blog that never gets updated!

~ by Jared on March 7, 2014.

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