Intermission: Up, Funny People, Public Enemies, Sunshine Cleaning, Jesus People

Trailer break! Here’s a look at some of the latest previews that have caught my eye. Up, of course, I’m rather excited about because of the Pixar brand. I have to admit that I feel a bit uncertain about the material here, but each new trailer introduces something new that gives me hope. At the very least, this looks like it will be very original and fun, even if it isn’t completely coherent.

I’m not a huge Judd Apatow enthusiast, but I did enjoy The 40 Year Old Virgin and Superbad. Funny People, however, looks like a totally new direction for him, and I like what I see. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

I am a big Johnny Depp fan, and I’ve been very interested in Public Enemies since I started seeing production shots a few months ago. Now, my interest has jumped to the next level with this trailer. I am particularly intrigued by the choice of music here. I don’t know, of course, whether this is something that will be a part of the actual movie, but I like it.

I’ve also really liked Amy Adams’ movies ever since her Oscar-nominated performance in Junebug (still probably my favorite). She is a good actress, but perhaps more importantly, she has made some excellent career decisions in terms of the roles she selects. I also adored Little Miss Sunshine, and Sunshine Cleaning looks like it will tap into a very similar tragi-comic spirit. I’m looking forward to it.

Last but not least is a trailer for a movie I assume I will see on DVD: Jesus People, an affectionate mockumentary about the Christian music industry based on a hilarious web-series (which I highly recommend). I love ad-libbed hilarity a la Christopher Guest, and if the webisodes are any gauge, this will be hilarious.

~ by Jared on March 9, 2009.

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