Strange Sight

So, fresh from my Christmas holiday out of the country, I hit the local theater with my wife to play a bit of catch-up after a few weeks in the third world (always helpful in putting my wide-release whining in perspective). As we left, I noticed something which struck me as rather unusual: There wasn’t a single R-rated release up on the marquee. I rarely pay attention to what a film is rated, nor do I tend to care (preferring to shun the influence of the long-outdated MPAA as much as possible), but I do know that this doesn’t happen very often. I would hazard to guess that for most of the year, the percentage of R-rated movies falls somewhere in the neighborhood of 50% during any given week. I certainly can’t remember ever having seen it at 0% at any theater with more than six screens.

I’m just curious enough to want to scan the local marquees more regularly now. Perhaps this truly is a freak-occurrence, or maybe it happens far more often than I suspect. In any case, it seemed to be worth documenting. Behold the photographic evidence below:


~ by Jared on January 3, 2009.

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