Wanna go to a film festival?

portablefilmfestYes? Well, just click here. It’s the Portable Film Festival, an effort built around the presentation of quality short films from all over the world to interested viewers, wherever they may be. There is also an annual competition. I’ve checked out several of the available films, and they range from the quite good to the not-so-great (just like the real thing!). Right now, the featured film is Pismo (The Letter), and it is definitely worth a look. Also be sure and glance through the animation section, which ranges from sophisticated computer-generated work (like the rather amusing Big Buck Bunny) to more stylized fare.

~ by Jared on November 24, 2008.

One Response to “Wanna go to a film festival?”

  1. I remember the old days when you had to do exhaustive research in order to find film festivals to submit to. Even when you could find some opportunities, there was little chance that your film would even be seen. With the internet, not only is it easy to find plenty of festivals but many of them feature all the entries on their website. I am constantly amazed at the wealth of resources for aspiring film makers. One that I found is Film Connection, http://www.film-connection.com . They offer one on one mentoring and their coure is available all over the US and Canada.


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