The How and Why of Criticism, etc.

Just a few items today, several of which are borrowed (with thanks) from Looking Closer.

First, Evan Derrick from MovieZeal has an awesome two-part post entitled “10 Ways to Become a Better Film Critic.” It’s a pretty good list, with some really great quotes from the pros. Check it out (particularly #4). Part 1, Part 2. On a vaguely-related note, here’s a by-the-numbers look at why movie critics matter. Not sure if this is conclusive, but it’s an interesting read.

You have to see this for yourself. In an upcoming comedy, Sacha Baron Cohen will play legendary fictional detective Sherlock Holmes and Will Ferrell will play his sidekick, Dr. Watson. That casting is either insane or inspired (and who’s to say it can’t be both?). I am simultaneously horrified and fascinated, but the result could be hilarious.

And, last but not least, a very cool little quiz for fans of Amadeus. 10 musical excerpts, some composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, some by Antonio Salieri. Can you tell the difference? I scored an unimpressive 70%, at least 20% of which I would attribute to pure guesswork (as oppossed to educated guesswork . . . I only really recognized 3 of the excerpts).

~ by Jared on July 2, 2008.

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