A Note from AMPAS

The Academy has just made a change to the rules governing the Best Original Song Oscar for next year: No film may have more than two nominated songs. A quick glance back through the Academy annals reveals that the rule change would only have been relevant four times in Academy’s history. In 1991, Beauty and the Beast became the first film to score three song nominations, winning one. Three years later, Disney did it again with The Lion King, which also won.

Then, of course, for the past two years running, with 2006’s Dreamgirls and 2007’s Enchanted (another Disney release), films have racked up triple song nominations, and lost both times. I wonder if, had either film won, the Academy would feel it necessary to implement a rule change. In any case, just because I like lists, here’s a quick history of double song nominee films (those marked with an asterisk had a winning song):

1980 — Fame*
1983 — Flashdance*, Yentl
1984 — Footloose
1985 — White Nights*
1989 — The Little Mermaid*
1992 — The Bodyguard, Aladdin*
1993 — Philadelphia*
2003 — Cold Mountain

~ by Jared on June 20, 2008.

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