A Few Thoughts on Indy IV

So, I was watching the 2nd trailer for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and I had some thoughts. Have a quick look for yourself, in case you haven’t seen it or need a memory refresher:

The first thing that occurred to me after watching the initial 30 seconds (which give us a pretty good idea of the plot) was, “We would have called this one The Temple of Doom, but we used that already.” I see a thick creepiness factor, a little-known artifact tied to a third-world culture rather than a major element of western civilization, the whole, y’know, temple thing . . . even that crazy-looking rocket car on a track in a tunnel (mine car, anyone?). Temple of Doom would definitely not seem like the ideal film to imitate out of the first three, but we’ll see . . .

The other thing I thought I spotted was a brief glimpse of Sean Patrick Flanery, who played the young Indiana Jones in the series of the same name. It’s at about 1:27, but he isn’t listed as being in the movie anywhere that I can find. Maybe it’s not him, or maybe it’s an uncredited cameo . . . or maybe he’s part of a flashback sequence, like River Phoenix in the opening scenes of Last Crusade. Check out the side-by-side comparison below.

~ by Jared on May 11, 2008.

One Response to “A Few Thoughts on Indy IV

  1. I don’t know who that actor behind the bars is, but if you see one of the TV trailers, it appears the character is an inmate in an asylum run by Catholic nuns, or something like that — I posted some screen captures here:


    Also, there is a third trailer now:



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