99 Bottles of Film on the Wall

A lot of you have probably seen this before (I had), but I ran across it again, and it is so cool. Really a neat idea. How many movies do you recognize?

Also, have a look at this new trailer for Hellboy II, which I am beginning to be mildly intrigued by.

As I’ve said, I wasn’t terribly impressed by the franchise’s first outing. It was entertaining enough, but the villains (a very weird group of Nazis and . . . Rasputin? Really?) showed a serious lack of imagination (or perhaps far too much). Not only does that not seem to be the case in the sequel, but the richness of the universe looks to be expanding severalfold. In short, this looks like a little less Blade II and a little more Pan’s Labyrinth.

~ by Jared on April 8, 2008.

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