I Am Legend Redux

I saw and reviewed I Am Legend about three months ago, and at the time I thought it started off quite strong, but disapproved of the ending on a number of levels. Then, last night I stumbled on this, the film’s original ending, which completely alters the final seven minutes. It is set to be included on the DVD release. Check it out.

Many of my problems with I Am Legend remain. I felt the CGI was over-used and sub-par, and disliked the deus-ex-machina introduction of other human characters into the story. However, this ending is a major improvement in several ways, including addressing a certain plot-hole, redirecting the story in the direction of its source material and adding some much-needed surprise, peace and ambiguity to the final moments. My original rating was 72%. I’d say the original ending would have been worth at least an extra 15%. Someone made a very bad call.

~ by Jared on March 8, 2008.

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