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As Jeffrey Overstreet rightly points out, the controversy over the upcoming release of fantasy-effects spectacular The Golden Compass is providing a far more interesting spectacle than a mere movie can hope to live up to. Meanwhile, Peter Chattaway has a pair of fantastic articles up on the whole business at Canadian Christianity and Christianity Today (here and here, respectively), and an even more fascinating (and lengthy) e-mail interview with author Philip Pullman at his blog (here). I particularly recommend that last . . . what compelling reading!

Meanwhile, Empire magazine has some sort of exclusive image unveiled as the cover of their latest issue that some people are excited about . . . Heath Ledger in full get-up as the Joker from next year’s much-anticipated The Dark Knight. (I had been keeping an eye on the slow unveiling of said image at, but then my computer died, so here it is . . . better late than never for those who somehow have not yet seen it.)

And, in the further spirit of catching up on old news, MTV has a really cool article about the crystal skulls of the upcoming Indiana Jones movie. So just in case you, like me, were wondering what the heck that title is all about, there you go.

Last but not least, in keeping with all that Hitchcock digging I’ve been doing lately (about which I will hopefully have something solid to report soon), I nosed up a real gem of a web project. Turns out there’s a Hitchcock wiki (yeah, I knew there was one for everything, but . . . wow), and said wiki hosts something called “1000 Frames of Hitchcock.” This project, which was first envisioned in January and completed in August, is an attempt to reduce all 52 major Hitchcock films down to 1000 carefully chosen screen captures. And here they are. Here you can find details of some of the ongoing categorization work being done on this massive archive of images. Awesome, awesome stuff.

~ by Jared on November 30, 2007.

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