Those Crazy Writers

So, the writers strike . . . seems to have left a lot of people with too much spare time on their hands, as a cursory YouTube search will reveal. Check these out if you want to know what it’s all about:

Well, the creativity that Greg Daniels noted doesn’t stop there. Now the studios have noted that, not only are the free shows available on the internet “just promos,” but actually even they aren’t making any money out of making them available. At least, that’s what Disney’s Michael Eisner claims. He acknowledges that there will one day be money coming in from the interwebs, but that writers are stupid for jumping the gun. Riiiight.

I just watched an episode of NBC’s “Heroes” online yesterday and was forced to endure something like seven previews for the upcoming CG version of Beowulf. I suppose they just slipped those ads in there for free, and don’t really expect them to get anyone into a theater seat anyway. I have to say, it’s really nice of these large corporations (and totally characteristic of their general charitableness) to give stuff away like that without expecting anything in return. Seriously, Eisner, don’t be a jackass. You aren’t fooling anyone.

Oh, and speaking of NBC and “The Office,” you may have noticed in the second video the mention that “Office” star (and WGA member) Steve Carell won’t cross the picket line. Well, other sources state that he has informed the studio that he is unable to report to work because he is suffering from “enlarged balls.” That is truly awesome, even if it’s not true (survey is out).

I should note that I recently started watching “The Office” (after a friend introduced me to it several weeks ago), and I am indeed watching it on the internet. It is a fantastic show, and I’m most of the way through Season 2. Thus far I’ve seen it all through Netflix. Netflix has all 3 seasons available online (no ads, though), and my subscription allows me to watch up to 15 hours per month of whatever movies and TV shows they have available for streaming. They have a pretty good selection of web content, though of course it’s nothing compared to their total DVD selection.

Anyway, slight topic change there . . . head over to here for some great further reading on the strike.

~ by Jared on November 7, 2007.

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