I’m Back

New city, new house, new life . . . that’s the short explanation for my longer-than-expected hiatus. But I’m back now, watching movies again, and hopefully we can avoid further interruptions for quite some time to come. As a way of getting back up to speed, here are a few things I’d like to see developed in Moviegoings during the coming months:

  • Best Picture feature continued regularly to completion.
  • King Arthur film project continued to completion. I think there might be a substantial paper/book buried in there somewhere.
  • An ongoing, in-depth series on the work of my favorite director, Alfred Hitchcock, inspired by this bold undertaking (more on that momentarily).
  • The long-since-promised discussion on Zombie movies and other such topical considerations.
  • Current updates on and links to movie-related developments and discussions that interest me.
  • Timely reviews of the recent theatrical releases that capture my attention (at least two a month) in addition to my impressions of various items of interest, old and new, already available for smaller screens.

Those are just a few things knocking about in my head, but they ought to keep me quite busy I should think. I have access already to most of the material I’ll need, although some of my more demanding research projects will require a little hunting. I’m still assembling my Hitchcock collection, for instance, and I have a few more zombie movies to watch . . . etc. You are encouraged to follow the link to “31 Days of Spielberg” above, which I meant to post months ago.

The 31 days are, most regrettably, currently stalled at day 19. Apparently the author became embroiled in some charges of plagiarism (which are, quite honestly, only tangential to the substance and quality of the work he has produced here) and dropped out of the blogging world for a time so that he could reassess certain things. Nevertheless, the 19 days-worth of in-depth discussion of Spielberg and his films through 1991 is absolutely top-notch stuff, both informative and entertaining. I should very much like to accomplish a similar feat with Hitchcock and his films, but to achieve this level of scholarship will require some careful research and planning (a prospect which I relish, but cannot deliver quickly).

In closing, here are a few trailers for a movie I’m anticipating. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, an adaptation of the Stephen Sondheim production directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham-Carter and Alan Rickman, will be in theaters in a few months, and I think it’s looking grand. I may have a chance to see a live stage version next week, but that’s not solid yet. Meanwhile: trailer 1, trailer 2.

~ by Jared on October 21, 2007.

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