This Blog Is Not Yet Rated

Rightwing film geek has discovered a simulated MPAA blog-rater, and he uses it as a convenient springboard to criticize the half-baked philosophy behind our movie-rating system.

A quick check for myself reveals that I haven’t hit my stride just yet:

Online Dating

Maybe I should just stick with “Rating Deferred” (for the sake of keeping the title of this post accurate). “Filmchat” and “Church of the Masses” both scored an R-rating.

Oh, but while you’re busily browsing the interwebs, check out the new feature over at Not Coming to a Theater Near You. They have deployed a very excellent series of articles on animation and film. You’ll find some solid historical background, a comparison between the work of Walt Disney and Hayao Miyazaki, a discussion of what sets Pixar apart from the rest of computer animation, an assessment of South Park‘s 10 controversial years on the air, and even a piece on Don Hertzfeldt, the twisted fellow behind such bizarre shorts as “Rejected,” “Genre,” and “Ah, L’amour.”

~ by Jared on June 26, 2007.

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