The Further Adventures of Link Roundup

There are a few new additions to my ever-growing collection of movie links over on the right side. Check them out, if you have a chance.

First, a long overdue link to the Apple Quicktime Movie Trailers site, your one-stop shop for previews of new releases (barring the occasional exclusive elsewhere). I’ve visited it frequently for some years now, and I’m rather surprised at myself for forgetting to add it in the first place.

Second, I’ve added a section for non-FFCC movie blogs that interest me. Most of these are on trial as I read them over the next few weeks and decide whether I’ll keep coming back long-term:

Church of the Masses – the blog of a scriptwriter/script consultant who occasionally reviews, but more often discusses the movies and entertainment on more general terms.

Just An Amateur – there’s some great stuff here: reviews of recent releases as well as lots and lots of discussion of old stuff (like, silent-era old). I approve.

Not Coming to a Theater Near You – a very steady stream of reviews and whatnot appear here, with a special focus on limited-release stuff that you won’t find in the local multiplex.

Rightwing film geek – I may not endorse his politics, but his taste in movies is beyond question. I relish the thoughtful ruminations I’ve seen here thus far.

~ by Jared on June 9, 2007.

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