Enlarging the Rounds

Note the addition of some fun new sites I stumbled across in the movie-related section of the links. Lots of rich content archives to delve into!

First, there is Senses of Cinema, “an online journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema.” It seems to release on a quarterly basis, and the current edition is April-June. There are some heavy-duty contributors here. I notice two contributions by Tag Gallagher (a regular contributor; I just perused his biography of John Ford at the library today). Of particular interest to me are a few articles on Alfred Hitchcock and a discussion of the evolving critical perceptions of Blade Runner 25 years after it was first released. Actually, a great deal of it is a bit too heavy for me just at present, but I’m not above the occasional browsing opportunity.

Second, and a bit more frivolous, there is They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They?. The cute cleverness of the title made me an immediate convert. This one is updated a good deal more regularly, with movie news and recommended reading. I’m a sucker for lists, and this site has several, plus links to an interesting project: The Top 10 Project. As explained here, movie lovers are encouraged to submit their ranked top 10 lists (or the best they can do) for best movie and the selected movies will receive points based on the ranking which go towards their overall status on the Big List. The current top 10 includes Citizen Kane, Vertigo, Casablanca and The Godfather (sounds suspiciously like the AFI list . . . but there’s lots of foreign stuff, too).

Speaking of the AFI (American Film Institute), 10 years ago they started an annual summer feature, aired on television, which listed the top 100 movies of all time in a specific category. They began with the best 100 American movies ever made, and over the years they’ve done the best (most memorable, iconic, influential, etc.) comedies, “passions,” “thrills,” songs, stars, characters, quotes, and last year’s rather lame “cheers,” or inspirational moments. This year they seem to be tired of coming up with new things (last year indicated that the ideas were already running out) and they’re recompiling their 100 best movies ever list, now with 10 more years of movies to draw from. Should be interesting. It airs on June 20th, and I’ll definitely be tuning in to comment. I’ve always got something to say about the AFI.

~ by Jared on May 19, 2007.

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