False Alarm

This is not a real update . . . hopefully I’ll have one soon, but I have other things going on at present. Meanwhile, my top ten movies of the spring semester:

Brokeback Mountain

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

The Red Violin


Maria Full of Grace

Good Night, and Good Luck.

Everything Is Illuminated

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Vanity Fair

Paradise Now

I wouldn’t have expected this many of this years Oscar nominees to make the list, and I’m a bit worried about how it makes me look . . . but they were good films. Crash made last semester’s cut, and . . . I really wrestled with whether to put Capote on here. I really liked it, but I . . . I dunno. It could just as easily be in Munich’s spot. I was a bit torn. Brokeback Mountain I say was the best of the best picture nominees. It deserved to win.

Anyway, I have a lot more to say, but I’m a bit tired . . . maybe I’ll comment more if prodded. There are some really good movies on this list. If you haven’t seen them, I encourage you to take a look and see if any of the plots catch your interest.

~ by Jared on May 7, 2006.

8 Responses to “False Alarm”

  1. /prod


  2. Well, I’ve only seen 6/10, but those were all good. And I can’t recall an instance when your judgment steered me wrong. (Well, there was <i>The Tin Drum</i>, but (a) I never actually saw it, and (b) that one really wasn’t your fault.)

    Also, *prods*. ;-p


  3. Jared, how could a nice mk like you give Brokeback Mountain that good of a rating, yet alone watch it?

    Also, pleeeeeease give me your new phone number so that we can chat :)


  4. Labeling…”MK” especially…*shudder*


  5. You really didn’t like <em>Yours, Mine and Ours</em>, did you? Oddly enough, I found that one rather entertaining in high school. I’m not sure why.


  6. Post, damnit! Or call me or something, geez…


  7. You never call, you never write ….


  8. I couldn’t agree more. We need phone numbers! There’s no way he is having that much sex. :(


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