The Big Summer Movie Project

As you all probably know by now, this summer bore witness to a large-scale project which involved kicking back in the nearest piece of comfortable furniture and watching loads and loads of movies, keeping a detailed record and carefully calculating an appropriate rating for each and every one of them. And now it’s time for the old statistics game to come into play.

I have watched 137 different movies this summer (there have probably been at least a dozen repeats).

-6 of these movies were rated G.
-38 were rated PG.
-30 were rated PG-13.
-43 were rated R.
-20 were UnRated.

This was pretty much the focus of the summer . . . The amount of time spent (counting reruns) boils down to nearly two weeks of solid 24/7 movie watching (approximately one and a quarter movies per day at almost exactly two hours per movie).

In addition to this, I did manage to squeeze in a full-time job, a two-week summer course worth three credit hours, and a couple dozen books plus two visits to West Texas and copious amounts of quality time with our much esteemed “HNRS” SC Seniors during this, their final summer of college life. I remember sleeping, too. Definitely plenty of sleeping.

(Brief sidenote: As to that next-to-last item, I was particularly glad to be able to spend the extra time with the all-too-soon-to-be graduates. Just thought I’d mention that.)

Anyway, I contemplated listing the worst movies I saw this summer, but there seemed to be very little point. There were exactly ten movies that got 50% or less on the rating scale, but that was because I chose to watch good movies fairly consistently . . . plus I didn’t necessarily loathe the experience of watching most of these and the following listing seems much more relevant.

The Top Ten Movies I Saw This Summer (in order as watched):

Schindler’s List

The Seventh Seal

Rear Window



A Passage to India

The Last Emperor

To Kill a Mockingbird

The Graduate

Road to Perdition

Only four of those were first-time views for me, but I have watched an additional four of them for the first time within the last year . . . Only “Rear Window” and “Road to Perdition” are (relatively) long-time favorites.

The movielist isn’t going away, but due to the sudden and particularly uninvited arrival of the fall semester the summer project is forced to draw to a close. I’ll be sad to see it, and the summer in general, go . . . But I look forward to just about everything that comes with the beginning of a new semester. I won’t be watching quite so many movies now (or maybe I will), but the record-keeping and attempts at quality selection will continue.

After all, if I continue at anything like the present rate I’ll have caught up with Roger Ebert in a mere 20 years . . .

~ by Jared on August 31, 2004.

5 Responses to “The Big Summer Movie Project”

  1. which Rear Window? Modern or Jimmy Stewart version? As I mentioned favorite Hitchcock.


  2. Oh, good heavens . . . the old one, of course! I don’t believe in the modern penchant for mutilating the classics, particularly the Hitchcockian ones.


  3. what was the movie that yall watched with the whole asian orgy in it?


  4. That was “The Last Emperor” . . . although I fail to see how a brief “thunderstorm” between the emperor of China, his wife, and his mistress qualifies as “an asian orgy.”

    Nevertheless, thanks for the interesting search hits which will now be heading my way.


  5. hey speaking of “long time favorites” and older flicks..have you revisited For Whom the Bell Tolls and/or African Queen or The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence? I’d be interested in your take..

    Also, why not the great “ballad” of my high school days Satrurday Night Fever?….if you can stand the disco music.


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