For Your Consideration: WALL•E


Jeffrey Overstreet invites you to celebrate your love of WALL•E over at his spiffy new-and-improved digs. I’ll be commenting at some point, but for starters I’ll say here (and may say there), that of the dozens of films I’ve been to see this year, WALL•E was the one that deserved multiple trips to the theater and a purchase as soon as it hit DVD. I’ll be surprised (pleasantly) if 2008 produces anything more worthy of becoming a classic.

Meanwhile, Peter Chattaway, whose own reaction to the movie remains tempered by (even-handed) criticism mixed with reserved praise, has compiled an awe-inspiring collection of interesting takes on the film and the phenomenon from all over the Internet. It is definitely worth a look.

~ by Jared on November 26, 2008.

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